Category (Note 2) Posture Max Value                       Skill Category       Final Position comments (See also Notes 1a, 1b and 3)        
      Strength Balance Flexibility          
Backbends Full Cobra 7.0     hands on floor or knees, bottom of feet on head        
  Full Bow 7.0     hold toes/feet to shoulders beside ears, elbows touching        
  Full Camel 7.0     hands on heels or knees, forehead on floor between legs        
  Wheel 5.0     both hands on floor        
    -One Legged 6.0   both elbows on floor, grasping ankle with both hands (Note 5)        
    -Full 8.0     standing with knees locked, grasping both ankles (Note 4)        
  Locust Scorpion 7.0   feet touching head or floor        
  Pigeon 5.0              
Tortoise/Forward Bends Leg Behind Head 5.0              
  Tortoise - Full/Lifting 8.0          
  Sleeping Yogi 6.0              
  Om 9.0          
  Good-bye 9.0            
  Guillotine 5.0              
Lotus Lifting 6.0              
  Bound 5.0              
  Fetal 5.0            
  Fish 5.0              
  Mountain 9.0              
  Short Person 7.0              
Splits Splits (side) 5.0              
  Frog 5.0              
  Upward Stretching 7.0            
  Splits (forward/back) 7.0     grasping heel in backbend, forehead to knee in forward bend        
  Standing Splits 8.0   both hands grasp heel of standing leg, forehead touching shin        
  Split Arm 8.0   verticle split with belly on thigh        
  Full Standing Bow 9.0   foot tucked under chin        
    -Dancer 8.0   both hands grasp foot/ankle of extended leg        
Twists & 2 Sided Full Spine Twist 7.0              
  Archer 7.0   big toe beside ear        
  Four Angle 5.0              
  Cowface 5.0              
Lifts Crow 7.0              
  Crane 8.0            
  Cock 7.0              
  Fingerstand 7.0              
  Peacock 7.0              
    -One Legged 6.0              
    -Lotus 6.0              
    -Folding Unfolding Lotus 8.0 must start from peacock (legs straight) for maximum score        
    -One Armed 8.0            
    -Bow Legged 9.0            
Inversions Shoulderstand 5.0              
    -Lotus 6.0     lotus tucked to chest        
  Headstand 5.0              
    - Lotus 6.0     lotus tucked to chest        
  Tiger 7.0            
    -Scorpion 8.0          
  Handstand 7.0            
    -Lotus 9.0 must enter lotus while in handstand for full score (Note 5)         
    -Scorpion 9.0          
    -Palm Tree 9.0            
Youth Only                    
  Standing Head to Knee 8.0          
    - without holding foot 7.5          
  Standing Bow 8.0            

1.    a)  These point values are a guideline for the maximum number of points to be awarded                        
      to a competitor who demonstrates technical mastery of the posture.  A competitor                        
      should not be awarded the maximum point value for a posture unless he/she has achieved                        
      the traditional final position of the posture.  For postures which may be completed in                         
      different ways, please refer to the Final Position column for the traditional final position(s).                        
    b)  Judges may add 0.5 point to any competitor's maximum score because of extraordinary                        
      depth, consistent with the integrity of the posture.  'Flourishes' added to a the final position of                        
      a posture shall not receive any extra points but may be subject to deduction.                        
    c)  Competitors are encouraged to choose a combination of optional postures which                         
      covers all three skill categories.  Judges may make a deduction of one full point for                         
      for each skill category not included.                         
    d)  When called upon to score a posture which is not listed, judges shall find the closest                         
      related posture which is listed and make an appropriate adjustment to the maximum                         
      point value.                        
2.    These categories are for ease of reference only and have no bearing on judging or scoring.                        
      Please note that a posture may belong in more than one category but is only listed once.                        
3.    The Final Position notes are meant to clarify frequently asked questions regarding the traditional final                           
      position of the posture and are not intended as a complete description of the posture itself.                        
4.    Full Wheel may also be finished with both elbows on floor, hands holding ankles or interlocked,                         
      with chin and throat on the floor between feet. From standing, elbows must be lowered to the floor in a                        
       controlled manner, otherwise it shall be considered a fall.  For example, if there is an audible                         
      sound when elbows touch the floor, indicating lack of control, it shall be considered a fall.                        
5.    In handstand lotus, if the competitor enters lotus prior to pressing up to handstand, the maximum                         
      score is 8.0.                        

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