Welcome to USA Yoga

Yoga Asana competitions originated in India hundreds of years ago and are still being conducted there today as a means to inspire yoga practice.

With your support, you bring this spirit of healthy competition to the United States, where, according to the most recent study by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, more than 36 million people practice yoga in the US today.

As a donor, athlete, coach, judge or sponsor, you inspire practitioners of all ages to improve their practice. Your gifts and membership brings newcomers to the practice of yoga and the sport of Yoga Asana.

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Our Mission

USA Yoga’s mission is to promote the practice of yoga as a means to improve the physical health and mental well-being of people of all ages and fitness levels, and to advance yoga asana as a sport.

With your participation as a donor, an athlete, judge, coach, audience member or sponsor, you advance yoga as a sport. Your gifts and membership create educational and outreach programs, regional and national yoga championships, and scholarships to yogis. Your participation provides athletes the opportunity to demonstrate competitive excellence and to inspire others to participate and advance in their own practice.

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You are in good company! USA Yoga members include yoga practitioners and supporters, athletes, coaches, judges and well aligned regional, national and international businesses.