2005-2006 Champions

Ashley Hooper 2006 (tie) USA YOGA GOLD MEDAL WINNER

Before starting her yoga practice in 2001 Ashley had a background in gymnastics and ballet.  After a seminar in Vancouver BC where she met Bikram and Rajashree, Ashley decided to attend the teacher training in the Fall of 2002. 

Ashley taught in the Los Angeles area for 4 years and continued her education of the yoga by being apart of the teacher trainings while they were held at the Los Angeles Headquarters.  Ashley was a participant in the first yoga competition and continued to compete until she won the World championship in 2006. 

Ashley believes she took first in the World Championships in 2006 due to her change in mindset of the competitions.  More than anything that year she decided to have as much fun as she could while competing.  Rather than focusing on the outcome of her performance, she decided she would enjoy the competition as much as she could, which resulted in her taking 1st. 

Ashley now lives in her hometown of Kennewick WA, where she owns and operates a Bikram Yoga studio with her sister Angela Casassa.  She is forever grateful to Bikram and Rajashree for giving her a life of doing what she loves and allowing her to spread the healing benefits of Bikram Yoga to her loved ones and her community.

Juan Manuel Martin-Busutil 2005 & 2006 USA YOGA GOLD MEDAL WINNER