2014 Champions

Zeb Homison 2014 USA Yoga Adult Division Gold Medal Winner

Yoga is for everyone. It is a science developed to maintain and help heal the human body and mind. Zeb has studied yoga all over the world. After his intensive, nine week teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in Honolulu, Hawaii, Zeb set out to travel and bring the gift of yoga, of health, to as many people and places as possible. From the beaches of Mexico, all throughout the United States, Australia, and Southeast Asia, each new place has put him in touch with wonderful new cultures, new students, and new teachers. He now owns his own studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

2014 National Champion, Zeb has placed in the top four of the USA Yoga National Finals from 2008 to 2014. Held in India for many years, this international ‘yoga competition’ is founded on the ideal of spreading interest in yoga throughout the world and focuses on the individual improving their own practice, not competition against opponents.

Bringing with him a deep knowledge of yoga technique, Zeb also has an extensive background in voice, dance, physical theater, mask work, and the performing arts, holding a BFA in Theater Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Gloria Suen 2014 USA Yoga Adult Division Gold Medal Winner

A former colleague connected me with her yoga champion cousin, Ky Ha, who had also recently moved to Singapore to teach yoga - Bikram yoga. I bought a one week unlimited beginners pass at the studio and practiced three classes in three days. After the third class, I remember feeling so clean inside and out (after my shower, of course). Thus began my journey.

About three weeks later, Ky convinced me to compete in the Singapore Regional Yoga Asana championship which would take place about six months later. I practiced standing-head-to-knee and standing bow, two of the compulsory postures in the championships, day in and day out - waiting for the subway and even while brushing my teeth! My colleagues at work thought I had clearly gone nuts. Meanwhile, the financial crisis was going down, and I was working on a trading floor. I needed to breathe and backbend!

I represented Singapore in the International Championships for four years (2009 - 2012) placing 3rd (2010), 2nd (2011) and finally 1st in 2012.

I am so thankful for the yoga championships for providing a forum for me to take my hatha yoga practice to another level, and more importantly for the yoga community that I was able to meet and be a part of.

I am also forever grateful to all my teachers, especially...Ky Ha, Dev Kapil, Mary Jarvis, Maty Ezraty

Craig Culbertson 2014 USA Yoga Senior Division Gold Medal Winner

Craig took his first Bikram yoga class on September 11, 2009 at Bikram yoga Asheville, at the age of 53. Over weight, with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that were in need of medication, it was time to add some type of activity.

Not having a clue as to where this journey would go, He jumped in with both feet, completely out of shape, and with a total lack of flexibility, he began his practice. His time is split between Asheville N.C. and St. Augustine Florida. Encouragement came from both schools with a plethora of amazing and diverse teachers.

In less than a year, he was 45 pounds lighter, with stellar cholesterol numbers, and taking only one blood pressure medication--the benefits from yoga were clear.

As time went on, during small conversations after class the "you should compete" came from both schools. Then he began watching the competitions, in complete awe of what the athletes could do. 

Eventually, he accepted the challenge to try competition as a well-meaning complement. Thirty years too old, it just was not going to happen, but it was ok to dream. Yet he started to attend as many seminars as possible from senior teachers, and past and present champions, just to get as close to the competition as possible.

Then along comes a new category for 2014, the seniors division. Excited by the opportunity and a new chapter in yoga the entry was filled out for the Florida regionals. Thus a dream that could not happen did. Winning was just the astonishing conclusion.

Clare Nelson 2014 USA Yoga Senior Division Gold Medal Winner

Clare Nelson is happy to live Austin, Texas.Austin is a mecca for yoga, especially Bikram yoga. We have an abundance of talented, inspirational teachers. This sums it up: "The student reflects the light of the teacher."

AlanKane D'Quebec 2014 & 2013 USA Yoga Youth Division Gold Medal Winner

Alan-Kane D'Quebec is the 2014 and 2013 USA Yoga National Champion (youth). He is a 13 year-old "super-yogi" from Playa Del Rey, California. The last year has been very exciting for him. He has traveled to many parts of the world from China and India to El Salvador. Traveling has made him discover that although places, people's culture and food may differ- everyone has one thing in common: LOVE.

When he is not traveling, he enjoys time at school with friends. He practices yoga 5x per week alongside his parents. And although he wasn't born super flexible, he has shown that with constant hard work and determination you can attain anything you set your mind to. He hopes his practice can inspire other boys and girls to give yoga a try.

He is very excited to represent the USA in the International Championships in London on June 1st, 2014.

You can watch his current routine here.