Friday, December 13, 2013 12:00 AM
Membership Note

A general housekeeping note, all yearly memberships will change to seasonal memberships (which means they expire after the National Championships). Please contact USA Yoga Executive Director Ainslie Faust on [email protected] if you have any questions.

National Championship Invitational Rules

The entry form link will be emailed to athletes directly, so please watch for it and enter as quickly as possible.
*First place winners from every State of Adult and Youth are eligible to compete at the USA Yoga National Championship.
 Second place winners may act as an alternate if the first place winner is unable to attend the national championship; however entry deadlines still apply, so it is up to the competitor to find out this information within the registration period.
All other winners in all categories, as well as all senior Adult winners, will be invited to compete in the next level of competition based on the overall score a competitor receives at the Regional competition.

Senior Division

The 2014 National competition will feature a Senior National Championship.  Senior competitors may qualify to be invited to the National event by competing in a Regional event.  Invitations to compete in the Senior National Championship will be based on the overall score a competitor receives at the Regional competition, so unfortunately it is possible that not every regional or state champion will be able to compete. The number of invitations issued will be decided by the National competition organizers, once time and scheduling information becomes available in early 2014. The rules for the Senior Division competition will be identical to the Adult Division, and will be judged in the exact same manner.

Holiday Greetings From Rajashree

As the year comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on how much the USA Yoga community has accomplished over the past twelve months. In March, we held our annual national championship in New York City, honoring Sri Dharma Mittra with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Yoga for NY’s Alison West with the Community Award; concluding the event with the amazing “Champion of Champions” demonstration by World Yoga Champions. What a grand weekend!

Since then, our 2013 Yoga Champions, Jared McCann and Gianna Purcell, have demonstrated their love and deep appreciation for yoga across the nation and world -- they continue to inspire new and seasoned practitioners in their practices. They receive tremendous support online too -- take a look at our USA Yoga facebook page!

In general, I’m heartened to see more competitors embracing yoga championships. The 2013-2014 Regional Championship season is underway and each competitor who performs onstage is an example of positivity and strength; each supporter is an appreciated smile in the audience. I’m looking forward to experiencing the energy of the upcoming Nationals in Texas next year!

Our New Board

It is with an expert advisory team that USA Yoga is going to grow stronger while spreading the good word and benefits of yoga. With that said, I am proud to introduce our new board members to you. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our new members: Jeff Chen, World Yoga Champion Joseph Encinia, Mary Jarvis, Donna Rubin, and Felicia Tomasko, as well as our returning  members to the USA Yoga Board: Jon Gans (Vice Chairman), Ryan Farsai, World Yoga Champion Cynthia Wehr, and myself. 

All of our board members are experts in their fields and I encourage you to read more about them on the website: Our Board

2014 National Championship

I’m happy to share that the 2013-2014 USA Yoga National Championship will be held in warm and sunny Texas, at The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio.

This is a preliminary rundown of the event, so please check for updates:
- Thursday evening , March 13: Judges’ Clinic
- Friday, March 14: Invitational pre-qualifier *
- Saturday, March 15: Semi-Finals, Evening Reception
-Sunday, March 16: Youth, Adult and Senior** Finals and Closing Ceremony

Go to the event page for tickets, hotel information and more:

USA Yoga 2014 National Championship

We’re anticipating a large crowd, especially as the championship is taking place over Spring Break, so please book your hotel room early. For details about the Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk, and for event tickets, please visit:

USA Yoga 2014 National Championship.

Online Tickets: $30 for Fri-Sun, $20 Sat only, $20 Sun only, $10 Fri only. It’s $5 more at the door.

Finally, thank you to all for your time, your passion, and your energy in support of USA Yoga. We couldn’t do this without you!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in the coming months.

Love and Peace,