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2013-2014 Nationals Update


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The event will be livestreamed with commentary by World Champion Cynthia Wehr so tune in to join in the online conversation with the global yoga community!

Jared McCann

1.    How has competition changed you?

Participating in the competition has tremendously deepened my knowledge of yoga postures.  I have learned so many tips, tricks, and techniques from some of the best Yogis in the world.  Because of this I have become a better yoga teacher.

2.    How have you inspired others in their practices?

 I have inspired people to take their yoga practice to the next level.  I never thought I would be able to do the things with my body that I can do right now.  I was not a gymnast or dancer and have no athletic background.  But through consistency and patience I have developed an advanced yoga practice with no injuries.  One of the best moments was a picture I posted on my instagram of doing scorpion with the youth champ Alan Kane.  

3.    Any words of wisdom for first-time competitors, or those considering it?

My advice would be to find a teacher with a practice that is inspiring to you and ask them for help on your postures. Take 5 minutes after class and let them give you something to work on in a few of your poses each week.  The yoga competition is a fast track to a well aligned, technically sound, and beautiful yoga practice.  We have seen it over and over again with the competitors.  Of course not everyone is interested in having an amazing yoga practice…people have different interests, and things they are working on in their lives….family, friends, money, work.  But for those who are interested in becoming a super human and are up for the challenge, then I would say go for it!

A Note to All

Wow! The National Yoga Asana Championship is a little over a month away.

On March 14 – 16, for the first time ever, not only will the event be held in Texas, but previous USA Yoga champions will have the opportunity to defend their national titles, we will feature our Seniors Divsion's debut, and we are having a pre-qualifier on Friday for the highest scorers from all over the country. We’re getting excited for what is going to be a memorable event.

On our packing list: a camera and loads of support!!


Words From our 2012-2013 USA Yoga Champions

As an added bonus, we have inspirational words to share by our two reigning champions, Gianna and Jared. They’ve definitely gotten us amped up for the event and we hope to see you in San Antonio to cheer them on!

Gianna Purcell

1.    How has participating in competition changed you?

My participation in competition has heightened my being. Every year during my training and preparations, I peel away to reveal an even purer form of me. To a place where my senses are heightened, my body is the most alert and responsive, and the lessons are huge. It is in this new place that I learn the most about myself and the bodies freeing possibilities.

2. As a US Yoga Champion, describe how the past year has added to your memory bank.

I spent the last year meeting new people and new place in and out of the US.  I'm a traveler at heart, hungry for knowledge and new experiences. I am so grateful and blessed for the opportunity this past year has given me. The consistency between all the places I visited was excitement. Yogis worldwide are excited to venture deeper into their practice and gain knowledge of the endless possibilities yoga can bring.

3. How have you inspired others in their practices. If there is a particular moment you'd like to share, please do.

I am regularly asked, "were you always this flexible?" No! I came from a low place of prescription meds, anti depressants and ADHD medication, herniated disks, tendinitis, and joint fatigue all at a young age. I had to crawl out of these challenges before I could run and I was willing to work. These demonstrations present a very small part of competition. Yes it's the main attraction but a lot goes into it. The opportunity to demonstrate and have a talk about yoga, competition and the body at these studios broke boundaries. I saw student light up over the possibilities and get excited to explore their bodies by way of yoga postures.

(A massage therapist took my class and watched my demo in Tasmania. While giving me a massage she told me her thoughts about the demo. She said, "This girl is not special! She is young, skinny and flexible. Of course, she can do all those things. But now that I'm massaging you, you have tight hips like the rest of us. Uneven parts of the body." I laughed and told her she was right. There is nothing special here because I'm not doing anything you can't do. We all have our challenges it just takes work, trust and positivity to get there.

4. What words of wisdom do you have for first-time competitors, or someone considering having a go at competition yoga?

Have fun! All the nerves and fears that go along with competition are normal. It is in how we deal with these feelings that we grow. Spend your routing demonstrating presence and thank your body for what it's given you. It's only 3 minutes. Enjoy it.