Monday, June 30, 2014 12:00 AM
Current News

Scheduling Competitions
Please contact [email protected] if you would like to schedule a regional competition. All competitions for the 2014-2015 Season must be completed by January 31, 2015.

Board Announcement
Effective June 2014, Rajashree Choudhury has resigned as President of USA Yoga, but will remain as Executive Chairman.  An Executive Committee of the Board of Directors has been named to act on behalf of  the Board to provide additional support to the Executive Director. The Executive Committee consists of Mary Jarvis, Jon Gans and Joseph Encinia.

Age Categories

Senior Category

Competitors turning 50 years old during 2014 will now be eligible to compete in the senior division.

Youth Category

The Youth Division will remain the same as previous years. 

Seasonal Memberships

Our memberships have shifted to a seasonal model so that no matter when you join your membership for the current season will expire on June 21, 2015.

We had to pick a cut off date for memberships purchased under the old model, so any membership purchased after February 9, 2014 (the date of the last regional) is good throughout the current season.

This change in membership was announced in our 2013 Winter Newsletter. If you have any questions about this switch, please email [email protected].

 TEAM USA at the International Championship in London
Our National champions, Zeb Homison and Gloria Suen, are now are International champions. Jared McCann and Gianna Purcell, our 2013 National champions, came in second, as well as Alan-Kane D'Quebec. Lauren Balefsky-Martone placed fourth, and Joseph Encinia placed fifth. Congratultions to Team USA for placing in the top five! 

USA Yoga is introducing some exciting changes to our rules for 2014-2015. This year will see an entirely new look for the competition, expanded eligibility for seniors and other important changes.

New Competition Format

The Board of Directors of USA Yoga has decided to change the competition format for 2014-2015 for our Adult and Senior competitors. It is our mission to provide a safe and challenging format for all levels of competitor - beginning, intermediate and advanced. We understand that a format that will encourage a first time competitor to compete may not be the same format that will challenge an advanced competitor.

Accordingly, we have developed two formats, one for the Regional competitions and one for the National competition. Both formats are designed to give competitors a choice of postures and an opportunity to develop a unique routine suitable for each individual’s skill level. As before, each routine will include seven postures to be completed in three minutes. Unlike the previous format, all postures will be scored according to the degree of difficulty assigned to that posture.

The Regional Format is designed to give beginning and intermediate competitors more opportunity to select postures that are appropriate for their skill level - while also demonstrating mastery of asanas that are fundamental to any practice level. The format consists of four categories of postures with a choice of 3 postures in each category, plus 3 optional postures. As before, the optional postures must be chosen to cover the skills of strength, balance and flexibility. The categories, postures and degree of difficulty are as follows:

Regional Format (3 minutes)

1. Balancing Forward Bend: Balancing Stick (6.0), Crow (7.0) and Standing Forehead to Knee (8.0)
2. Balancing Back Bend: Split Arm (8.0), Standing Bow (8.0) and Dancer (8.0)
3. Spine Flexibility Option (Seated): Spine Twist (6.0), Bow (7.0) and Rabbit (7.0)
4. Stretching/Traction: Standing Separate Leg Stretching (6.0), Stretching (7.0) and Upward Stretching (7.0)
5. Optional
6. Optional
7. Optional

The National Format is designed for our more advanced competitors. Rather than require all competitors to perform the same advanced postures to achieve the maximum score, we have created an ‘open’ format that not only enables our competitors to display their advanced practice, but also provides an opportunity to use creativity in constructing a well-rounded routine. Competitors will be allowed to select any seven postures from the ‘degree of difficulty’ chart, as long as they cover the skills of strength, balance and flexibility, and fulfill requirements for a variety of types of postures (as listed on the chart). There will be some additional postures added to the 'degree of difficulty chart' on the website within the next few weeks. Because of the large number of choices available, competitors are encouraged to use their creativity in selecting the postures and arranging the routine. The requirements for the seven postures are as follows:

National Format (3 minutes)

1. Back bend
2. Forward bend
3. Splits/traction
4. Lift
5. Inversion
6. Optional
7. Optional

Competitors may arrange their routine in any order they wish. For example, a competitor may put the two optionals first and the splits/traction category last, or do a forward bend before a backbend. The competitor decides the order.

All routines will be judged according to the execution of the postures and the degree of difficulty. Unlike previous years, judges will score each posture on the basis of 10 points, and the score will be adjusted by the degree of difficulty by the software.

All competitions will be conducted according to existing USAYoga rules (as amended by this notice). A new rulebook, consolidated the existing rules, will be completed soon.