Saturday, September 01, 2012 12:00 AM

First things first...

We wanted to pass along how proud and inspired we were by all the competitors who took part in the Texas Regional competition a few weeks ago.  See the results here. What a display of courage, determination, and strength! Thank you to all who took part. In welcoming the Fall, we look forward to supporting those athletes performing in the PA/NJ Regionals, scheduled for Sunday, September 30.

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New Member Offer


2012-2013 Membership Drive begins September 1, 2012; ends January 20, 2013.

In thanks for becoming a member, each person will receive a coupon code for 25% off a purchase from any of our Official Sponsors of the 2012-2013 Regionals:

For only $25 you can become a member of USA Yoga. Join by 20th January, 2013, and you’ll receive a reply with your discount code. These offers must be redeemed by January 31st, 2013.

Thank you to the generosity of our sponsors in providing such great offers to our new members.


Studio Membership Drive Offer



We hope studios will encourage their students to support USA Yoga. Just as Garland described, “competition has been a very positive experience for our whole community to be a part of.”

In recruiting more members, you’ll be part of the greater yoga movement. In thanks, Rajashree will schedule a dedicated visit to next year’s winning studio.

To ensure your studio is in the running, please remember to have new members you sign up enter your full studio name in the ‘Referral’ section of the Application form when joining.To avoid confusion, please be consistent in your studio name.



We’re kicking off our Membership Drive with a bang! We’ve got discounts on yoga clothing and accessories for every joining member - courtesy of Shakti,  OMG, Hot Drop, and Mika, as well as a Q&A with Garland Hume, director of Bikram Yoga Richmond, VA. Garland’s studio recruited the most members in our last Drive. In thanks, Rajashree, USA Yoga founder and President, will be visiting the Richmond yoga community personally to share the beauty of yoga.

We’re asking studios to rally members behind our cause again - Rajashree would be honored to visit your community in 2013!

In the spirit of Muhammad Ali, some words of encouragement:

Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.

Stay true to your vision competitors! We wish you all the best, and are ever grateful for the support of our members in helping us to coordinate these public events.




Last year we were wowed by the number of members recruited by Bikram Yoga Richmond. Garland Hume, a 3 time yoga competitor, is a great advocate of USA Yoga’s goals. That is, bringing the sport of Yoga Asana to the community; encouraging people to incorporate its practice into their lives; and supporting athletes in national competitions.

Rajashree will be visiting Richmond on September 26th to increase awareness of yoga’s benefits with the community. Garland shared her thoughts with us about this, and more:

1.    How did it feel to be told you recruited the most members?

Awesome, and really proud of our yoga community.

2.    As the top studio in recruiting the most members, Rajashree will be visiting your city to share yoga. Describe how this will promote awareness of yoga.

We are THRILLED that Rajashree is coming to Richmond.  It is truly an honor to have her visit our city.  Rajashree will get people more excited to practice yoga.  She’ll be giving a lecture at a local middle school, and two days before her arrival, several of our teachers, including myself, will be spending the day teaching yoga to all of the P.E. classes.  

Rajashree’s visit is already raising awareness of yoga in the public schools.

3.    What was the motivation for your fellow members to join?

People joined to support us (the competitors) and the yoga competition.  Obviously not everyone from our studio competes, but they really show love and support to those that do.  The competition has been a very positive experience for our whole community to be a part of.  Plus the visit from Rajashree as incentive didn’t hurt either!

4.    What inspires you about these championships?

There is so much that inspires me:  the demonstration of the mind, body, and spirit connection from the competitors, and the life experiences they have had to get them there. The sportsmanship; the art form; the training; the people that work tirelessly and volunteer their time to promote Yoga Asana as a sport; and the fact that one day it could be part of the Olympics.

5.    How do you believe that yoga can influence the nation and change the world?  

I believe the fact that yoga has become so popular has a lot to do with two major factors.  

The first is the aging population of baby boomers, which is having a huge impact on how we view healthcare.  People are really starting to take their health in to their own hands.  Yoga offers an alternative that is much more affordable and enjoyable at the same time, with no scary side effects.  

The second factor ties in to the first; and that is the disclosure of the damage to the human body caused by the foods and drugs we consume, as well as the variety of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Yoga has a tremendous ability to facilitate healing in the body.  When you are healthy, then you have more time to go out in the world and do the things you love, be inventive, be creative, be a better person, think clearly, and make better decisions.  

It would not surprise me if the genius that discovers the next major alternative energy source is a Yogi!

6.    What is your hope for the sport of Yoga Asana in the future, on a local and on a global level? 

My hope both locally and globally is to see the competition grow and evolve until it does get approved by the Olympic Committee. Right now the US is certainly leading the way for the competition as far as the number of participants. 

I’d love to see more countries involved, as well as more competitors from the countries already involved.  Also, each country needs its own national organization, like USA Yoga.



Rajashree states:

Yoga is so beneficial, especially in today's world. We need to make the change. The change can only come with you - within your Spirit, within your beliefs.

In joining USA Yoga, you’ll help in raising the awareness and acceptance of yoga through competitions. We welcome yoga students and teachers of all yoga lineages, as well as judges, coaches, or supporters of the sport of Yoga Asana to apply for membership. Simply head over to and click on ‘Join USA Yoga’ on the Home Page banner.


To our new members, we look forward to welcoming you to the USA Yoga community. Thank you for helping us stretch closer towards our goal of sharing yoga with the nation, and world!