You can help increase the awareness and popularity of yoga in our culture by becoming a member.

Your support helps USA Yoga to raise the awareness and acceptance of yoga through public events and the promotion and marketing of those events. 

If you are passionate about yoga and would like to see more people incorporating yoga into their lives then please join USA Yoga.

The United States Yoga Federation welcomes students and teachers of all yoga lineages to join and support us in our goal of developing yoga asana as a sport.

USA Yoga provides events in which to compete, verifies judges for such events, and decides the content for participants in the sport.

Membership Categories

Please note that our memberships are seasonal, not yearly.

Yoga students wishing to compete.

Teachers and practitioners of Yoga wishing to coach athletes.


Teachers with at least 3 years experience and at least one completed judges' clinic wishing to judge yoga competitions. (You must be a US citizen.)


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