Paul Moore - 2016 International Champion

The 2016 senior men’s international champion has been practicing for seven years.  He has been in four regional, three national and one international competition.

He began practicing at age 57 as therapy to relieve knee pain.  Two weeks of practice in the heat made a big difference.  More importantly, Paul began to notice positive mental changes: greater calmness, better reaction to stress, and more patience.  From that point on, it only seemed natural to stop and take a yoga class on the drive home from work.  He was inspired by the first international yoga championship that he watched.  Then one day a teacher expressed faith in his practice by showing him a couple of advanced postures, saying that he could do them in the competition.

“I’m amazed at the power of yoga to transform your body and mind.  The knee pain that drove me to begin practicing was a blessing.  Watching the competitions inspired me. Preparing for the competitions has transformed my practice.”