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World Yoga Federation

Based in India, World Yoga Federation provides support and guidance to yoga entrepreneurs and teachers to setup and launch successful and authentic Yoga Studios and Schools that offer certified Yoga teacher training programs.

Superieur Electrolytes

Superieur Electrolyes is grassroots and 100% employee owned. They do everything themselves! By eliminating 3rd party formulators, middlemen and mass distributors, they can bring you the best tasting electrolyte drink with the best ingredients & best price on the market.

Shakti Activewear

Ana Bugarim Santos created Shakti Activewear, her line of colorful, comfortable yoga clothing, during her Hatha yoga teacher training in 2003. Shakti means female energy, female power. Feel comfortable and powerful in Shakti Activewear.

Blaze Yoga Lancaster

Blaze Yoga Lancaster is pleased to sponsor USA Yoga's 2024 season in honor of 2023 Women's Champion Kendall Geist.

BYL is located at 533 Janet Avenue in Lancaster, PA and offers 26+2, Hot Pilates, Hot Vinyasa, Functional Range Conditioning and special workshops. 

Radiant Elle, the Official Brand of Yoga Factory Pittsburg 


Quality, comfort, and cutting edge: Radiant Elle clothing will keep your spirits up and practice on point.

Radiant Elle delivers quality swag to the hottest athletes who love to sweat with style. 

Embrace your Radiant Elle! Radiant Elle is a platform for connecting the yoga community and beyond

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